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Mostaix is mosaic art. Mostaix pictures are made up of small tiles with retangle, square and L-shape. We have 3 ribbons Series (Blue Ribbon Series, Red Ribbon Series and Silver Ribbon Series), which are different in size and grades .

ˇ´Snap-In Stay Firm
ˇ´Removable Reusable
ˇ´No Glue, No Ironing
ˇ´Real Size Pattern, No Counting
ˇ´Neat and Tidy


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Blue Ribbon

size: 143mm x 163mm

(5.64 inch x 6.42 inch)


   (FOR AGE 6 & UP)

  Level: Easy to do for beginner

   Total TILES: 264 PCS

   Total Contains: 266 PCS

   A picture of transparent grid on top of instruction

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Blue Ribbon

size: 266mm x 333mm

(10.47 inch x 13.11 inch)


(FOR AGE 8 & UP)

    Level: For the more adventurous

    Total TILES: 1,320 PCS

    Total Contains: 1,324 PCS

     With FULL scale instruction

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size: 399mm x 399mm

(15.7inch x 15.7 inch)



  (FOR AGE 10 & UP)

    Level: Easy to do for art lover

    Total TILES: 4,400 PCS

    Total Contains: 4,439 PCS

     With FULL scale instruction


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